Meet Captain Trey Landry

Born 1964 Coral Gables Miami Florida, raised on the sport fishing waters of south Florida, Keys, and Bahamas Islands. At age 18 moved to Melbourne beach Florida to discover the Indian River, Banana River, and Mosquito Lagoon river systems. For many years stalking the flats and back country with push pole and skiff Trey learned with great stealth as well uncanny ability to catch powerful game fish in shallow water with fly and or light tackle gear. At age 30 and many years on the water Trey became an expert at his field with becoming a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain. Forming a guide fishing service fast became a very well known name in the field as well previewed in a few fishing publications and local outdoor news articles.

Captain Trey expanded out with his company Premier Sport fishing Adventures to locate new waters as Northwest Florida played into what would be a move that proved to be one of great improvement. The Northwest Florida pristine bays as well Gulf coastal beaches with all the plant and animal life in a setting of an old Florida look that Trey never could have imagined. Captain Trey moved to Port Saint Joe Florida in 1998 with the chance to open and help run the Port Saint Joe Marina complex as well continue in guide fishing with tournament involvement in local events and area waters. Captain Trey has always put himself as a leader for others to be able and look up to in the work place as well on and off the water.

Captain Landry's community involvement with the marine, boating, fishing, tournaments, trade shows, boat shows, and is widely recognized as one of the Premier inshore fishing guides today. Captain Landry's fishing shows with his care for the outdoors as well environment is most important and valued as dedicated with many sport fishing organizations in the past and the present. Such groups as the International Game Fish Association Certified Captain and founder of the first annual I. G.F .A. Port Saint Joe Marina kids win tournament, Ducks Unlimited volunteer and donor, The Coastal Conservation Association volunteer and donor, N.R.A. member, Inshore Fishing Association, just to name a few. Captain Trey Landry has remarkably placed in the top three most all fishing tournaments involved with.

A family man with son Fletcher Landry, step son Josey and wonderful wife Clara Landry share all outdoor hunting and fishing activities with great love and respect for the outdoor life we all share. Captain Trey Landry will continue in the marine industry and guiding as well tournament involvement with The Inshore Fishing Association Redfish Tour Trail in the coming years.